New function Admin Manager come to use
12-09-13 09:58
A new function, Admin Manager, has been released, which enables you to assign different use permissions to different administrators in your own site.

Login Passport, enter a specific site, then you can find this function in Basic Function section.

As to site administrators who get partial access to the specific site, they can find the site in his/her site list after login his/her own Passport. Then they can enter and work with the site within purview.

In addition, the homepage of site management has been reformed to make it easy to use.

What is more, Content Manager now has been moved to the homepage of site management and will not appear under admin mode as before.

Feel free to contact us if there are any problems or questions.

Thanks for your support!
Download problem on CM has been fixed
10-09-13 06:11
Based on feedback, part of wapmasters had suffered download problem on Content Manager in recent days.

Now we have fixed bugs and download in CM works normally.

If there are still any problems or questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you.
Bugs on online parameters %akttime% and %location% have been fixed
03-09-13 08:11
Based on feedback, there were bugs on online parameters %akttime% and %location% and they made online function unable to work normally.

Now we have found active solution and solved the problem.

If there are still any problems on online function, feel free to contact us anytime.

Thanks for your support!
Problem on online function has been solved
03-09-13 03:09
We have fixed bugs on online function.

In our testing, now it works normally.

If there are any problems or questions, welcome to contact us.

Sorry for the inconvenience you may suffered.

Thanks for your understanding!
Security enhancements in Wapka
30-08-13 09:17
To provide better services to all the wapmasters, we have made some enhancements in Wapka.

Firstly, verification email will remain valid in two days. If it expires, you can login your Passport to send a new one to your email address and verify it.

Secondly, to secure Passport account, once you have changed the password of Passport, auto login will not be valid, which needs you to enable it again.

Moreover, in the case of retrieving password, now you are supported to enter email address by yourself.

If there are any problems or questions, welcome to contact us.

Thanks for your support!
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