Two problems have been solved today
07-01-14 10:52
We have fixed two problems in Wapka, as follows:
- Unable to upload zip files via URL in CM
- Fail to set class for checked items in Wap 2

If there are still any problems, feel free to contact us via Wapka Feedback system or emails.

Thank you!
Problems solved in this week
13-12-13 10:24
In this week, we have solved several problems in Wapka, as follows:

- Bug on CM category delete function has been fixed;
- Wrong link to CM Deployment Tools has been corrected;
- Updates paging problem has been solved;
- Copy function in Source viewer reruns normal.

If you still find any problems on the functions above, feel free to contact us with detailed information.

Thank you.
Notification about blocking phishing site
10-12-13 08:15
In recent days, we are blocking a group of sites which are counterfeit Facebook sites or counterfeit Wapka sites. Related Passport accounts are blocked as well.

To protect users’s rights and avoid unexpected risks, phishing site is strictly prohibited in Wapka. The increasing number of such sites in Wapka urges us to take active action against this upward trend.

We truly hope all the wapmasters can abide by Terms of Services in Wapka. Violation of TOS is very likely to cause your sites or accounts to be blocked for some time or even permanently.

Thanks for your understanding!
Bugs on CM have been fixed
29-11-13 09:59
In recent days, many wapmasters were faced with problems when they edited, moved content or deleted category in Content Manager.

Now we have solved the problems.

If there are still any problems in CM, welcome to contact us.

Thank you!
Bug on mail server has been fixed
19-11-13 07:51
Part of wapmasters reported that they failed to received system emails when requested for new pin code or wanted to verify registered email.

We have fix related bugs on mail servers. From now on you can receive system emails as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience you may suffer.

If there are still any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.
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