Servers have already been updated today
18-09-13 02:32
Here we inform all the wapmasters that servers in Wapka have already been updated today. All the businesses in Wapka now return to normal.

Sorry for what you may suffer during servers maintenance.

If there are any problems, welcome to contact us.

Thank you.
Problems have been solved in CM
17-09-13 10:37
According to feedbacks, we has solved the following problems in Content Manager.

Firstly, Deployment tools now has been renamed as CM Deployment tool and has been moved to Advanced function in Edit site of admin mode.

Secondly, error in MP3 tag editing has been fixed and this function becomes active as normal. In addition, we have correct bugs in content tag editing function to make it works smoothly.

Moreover, problem on transfer content from FM to CM has been solved. Now it works normally.

What’s more, bugs in preview and download in Animation content have been corrected.

Last but not least, redirecting problem on CM has also been solved.

Here we express our thanks to wapmasters who send feedback and email to us, helping us find where are the bugs and what are expected to be improved.

Welcome to contact us for any problems or questions.

Thanks for your understanding and support!
Server maintenance notification
17-09-13 10:03
Here we inform all the wapmasters that Wapka is going to maintain servers at 2:00 GMT on Sept. 18th.

It will cause inconvenience to part of wapmasters in a short time. We are sorry for what you may suffer.

If there are any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your understanding!
Two problems has been solved on CM and FM
16-09-13 10:43
Based on feedback, we have solved two problems in Content Manager and File Manager.

Firstly, part of wapmasters report that they suffered inconvenience after CM was removed from Admin Mode. Now we have recovered CM in the previous location in Admin Mode. You can visit CM in the homepage of new site of management as well as in Admin Mode.

Secondly,we have solved the problem that unknown upload error occurred when wapmasters accessed FM via the homepage of new site management.

As to other problems wapmasters have sent to us, we will check them as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions or problems.

Thanks for your support!
Problems fixed in Content Manager
13-09-13 09:48
According to feedback from wapmasters, there are several problems in Content Manager. Now we have fixed related bugs and updated Content Manager, as bellows:

- Wapmaster failed to upload some content and redirected to the homepage of site management. It has been solved.

- Wapmaster were unable to customize unified displayed page. It has been fixed.

- Paging in list of content did not work. It has been solved.

- Default thumbnail could not show normally. It has been fixed.

If there are still any problems in Content Manager, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your support!
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